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AFL, also known as Australian rules football or "Aussie Rules", is a hugely popular sport in Australia.

You can join your local club or find one of AFL's Disability Inclusion Programs.

These programs are set up to ensure people with disability across the country have the opportunity to participate in AFL.

Whether that be learning how to play through NAB AFL Auskick, playing community football with your mates or representing your state or territory at a National Inclusion Carnival.

Local AFL opportunities

You should always start at your local footy club. Canberra has a bunch of AFL clubs in every part of the city that cater for people young and old. Whether you are just starting out, have been playing for years, or want to get involved as a coach, offiical or volunteer, we're confident your local club would love to get you involved.

Visit the AFL Canberra website or click on the image below to find your local club. And if you need any help at all, get in touch with AFL NSW/ACT's Diversity Partner - Josh Rozairo ( or 0432 561 451). 

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Urban Rec Aussie Rules Footy Leagues are recreational AFL competitions designed to be fun and social. Beginners are welcome, as well as people that haven’t played in a long time. On the first week of the season, Urban Rec assume no one knows the rules yet. Their Event Hosts will teach you everything you need to know, and even help coach you throughout the season.

Each team plays with 7 players and games go for two 20 minute halves. You can wear normal running shoes or footy boots, everything else is provided.


The best part is that you don't need to get a full team together. You can if you want, but you can also register by yourself or with some friends and Urban Rec will help find you a team.

DAY: Mondays and Thursdays

TIME: 7:00-9:00pm

LOCATION: Reid Oval (across the road from the War Memorial)

WHO IT'S FOR: Everyone

LEVEL: Recreational/Social

COST: $139 (individual registration) for a 10 week season

For more details, go to the Urban Rec Aussie Rules website, pop them an email at or give them a call on 0423 297 310. 

National AFL opportunities

Every year the AFL runs a National Inclusion Carnival for athletes with an intellectual disability. The Carnival is played as per traditional Australian football rules, with adjustments to the playing numbers with 12 v 12 on field, and 4 players on each bench. 


Playing football is a major focus of the Carnival, however it is also an opportunity for players to develop their independence with living away from home for a week. Also, through attending education sessions and running coaching clinics within special schools, the Carnival develops footballers as role models thereby providing a sense of belonging in the community.

Footballers from Canberra play for the NSW/ACT Rams and you can register your interest here or by clicking on the image below.


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Although it is still in its early stages, Disability Sports Australia host the National Wheelchair Championships with the support of the AFL. 


The game is played between two teams of five, plus interchange players. The field is a rectangular indoor court divided into thirds (like netball), with goal posts at either end of the field. Similar to AFL 9's, players are assigned to the position of either a defender, centre or forward with the forwards the only players who are able to score.


There is no kicking of the ball, where a hand ball is equivalent to a kick and an underarm throw, below shoulder height, comparable to a hand pass. 

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