Sailing is a sport that uses wind to power sails and propel a boat forward (rather than engines). Australia has a strong sailing tradition and has won medals in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Sailing Australia is very committed to encouraging people with a disability to 'get on the water' to take part in sailing. They offer a variety of 'Para Sailing' programs and activities at a number of Sailing and Yacht Clubs across the country. 

Local Sailing Opportunities


Sailability is an inclusive sailing program that operates from the Canberra Yacht Club in Yarralumla. Sailability offers additional levels of support, an established network of volunteers, and equipment to assist people of all ability levels to get into sailing.


It is an international program first introduced by the Canberra Yacht Club during 2017. Canberra Sailors with a disability have represented the ACT and Australia and interstate, national and international competitions. In fact, we have a number of former World Champions in our community who have achieved success in both mainstream and disability inclusive competition.

Here's what they offer:

  • Different types of boat provided by clubs including the Hansa Class that are easy to sail.

  • Instructors that are able to adapt their teaching methods to suit individuals of all ability levels.

  • Equipment to assist those with limited mobility to get into and out of boats.

  • Modified docking areas that are accessible.

  • Affordable options to participate.

  • Events for people of all abilities to compete in.

  • The Sailing Pathway for people of all abilities to progress through.


If you have a disability and wish to experience “Freedom on the Water”, you are especially welcome. Sailing is conducted typically on a Sunday morning during the warmer months.

LOCATION:  Canberra Yacht Club

DAY: Sundays (during the warmer months of the year)

TIME: 10:30am

LEVEL: All levels - introductory, junior, social, competitive

COST: Free


For more details, check out the Sailability website, contact the Canberra Yacht Club via their website contact form or give them a call on 6273 4777.