Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin bowling is a sport where a bowler rolls a bowling ball down a wood or synthetic lane toward ten pins positioned in a triangle at the far end of the lane. The goal is to knock down all ten pins.

It is played in singles, doubles and teams, with players usually being put in competitions with players of similar ability levels.

Tenpin bowling is very popular in the disability community, with inclusive leagues running in almost every bowling centre in the country.


There are two bowling centres in Canberra - Tuggeranong and Belconnen.

Local Tenpin Bowling Opportunities

Join a local league

If you feel a bit confident, think about joining a local league . There are mainstream leagues and leagues specifically for people with a disability. You can find a local league here or get in touch with ACT Tenpin Bowling's Disabilities Coordinator by email at​


Read on below to find out about the two great disability bowling leagues in Canberra.

Learn to bowl

Get started by learning how to bowl with one of Tenpin Bowling Australia's BowlAbilities programs. BowlAbilities is an inclusive program designed specifically for older teens and adults with a disability to learn the basic skills of tenpin bowling, socialise and increase activity levels.

BowlAbilities is a 6-8 WEEK program that focuses on the participant’s ABILITY, not their disability. The learning of  the fundamental skills of tenpin bowling improves co-ordination, balance, and physical activity levels.


BowlAbilities is run in a safe environment with lots of fun to be had by all. The use of carpets on the lanes gets the participants closer to the pins and a modified 5-frame game and simplified scoring system promotes skill development, a sense of achievement and self-confidence.

ACT Wizards Bowling League

The ACT Wizards is a bowling league providing a year-long weekly bowling competition at Zone Belconnen on Saturday mornings. Bowlers are not only encouraged to participate in the weekly league but also to compete in other competitions with other clubs locally, interstate and on a national level. Other opportunities also provided are walking groups, discos, and dinners.

The league is so large that it takes up the whole bowling centre. Saturday mornings are a hive of social activity as bowlers gather to bowl, watched on by family, friends, and support workers. A place of laughter, celebration, and encouragement. A ritual that has occurred for nearly 30 years with a simple goal that they continue to achieve.

The Wizards league provides opportunities for people with a diverse range of disabilities including intellectual disabilities, blind, deaf, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, and other behavioural issues.

DAY: Saturday

TIME: From 9:00am

LOCATION:  Zone Bowling Belconnen (1 Emu Bank, Belconnen)

WHO IT'S FOR: People with a disability

LEVEL: Recreational/Competitive/Social

COST: tbc

For more details, check out the Wizards Facebook Page

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Independent Disabled Tenpin Bowlers of the ACT

The IDTBACT runs a tenpin bowling league called the “All Sorts” league that is aimed at integrating disabled bowlers into competition with able-bodied bowlers. This league is run on each Saturday at 9:30am from late January to late November each year. The All Sorts league is open to all disabled persons, their carers, friends and anyone interested in the sport of tenpin bowling. It is based on a handicap of 100% of 200, so no matter what a bowler’s ability, they will be able to compete on an equal basis, whether disabled or not.

DAY: Saturday

TIME: From 9:00am

LOCATION:  Zone Bowling Tuggeranong (76 Cowlishaw St, Greenway)

WHO IT'S FOR: People with a disability

LEVEL: Recreational/Competitive/Social

COST: Less than $10/game

For more details you can check out their Facebook page, email them at, or call Michael Cooke (President) on 0407 792 226.