Basketball is a team sport where two teams of (usually) five players each, play against each other on a rectangular court.

The goal of basketball is to shoot a basketball through the other team's hoop which is attached to a backboard at each end of the court.

Modified versions include Wheelchair Basketball and games where the number of players, height of the hoop and other rules are changed to make the game easier to play.

Local basketball opportunities

You should always start at your local basketball club. Canberra has a bunch of basketball clubs in every part of the city that cater for people young and old. Whether you are just starting out, have been participating for years, or want to get involved as a coach, official or volunteer, we're confident your local club would love to get you involved.

Visit the Basketball ACT website or click on the image below to find your local club.

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RAID Basketball

RAID (Recreational Activities for People with Intellectual Disability) basketball is a program for people with an intellectual disability. It provides participants with an opportunity to be part of a sporting team and to enjoy not only the game itself but the friendship, pride and confidence that come from being part of a team.

Once a week on a Wednesday night, around 30 RAID participants and 6-10 volunteers from Radford College turn up to play basketball in the Radford College gym. There are two games played, beginners and intermediate, and participants are placed into the game that best suits their level of skill and pace.

The game is played with modified rules to include all players in a team. The Radford student volunteers participate in the games, pass the ball around, coach, and partner up with participants who need that little bit of extra encouragement, pep talking and generally fostering a positive team spirit and ensuring each RAID player has equal participation.

The RAID participants are enthusiastic, noisy and competitive and for many it is the starting point of friendships that will have a significant impact on their lives. For some, this is the only social contact they have outside of their home and this opportunity to socialise is vital to reducing their sense of social isolation.

Participants are welcome to attend for the duration of the evening to watch and support players in both games.

DAY: Wednesday (during school term)

TIME: 6:30pm beginners, 7:30pm advanced

LOCATION: Radford College Basketball Gym (1 College Street, Bruce)

WHO IT'S FOR: People with a disability

LEVEL: Recreational/Social

COST: $5 a week

For more details, check out the RAID website or email YMCA at

Ivor Burge Championships

The Ivor Burge Basketball Championships is a competition run each year by Basketball Australia for people with an intellectual disability. Basketball ACT is a proud supporter and ambassador for social inclusion through basketball and have men’s and women’s teams in the Ivor Burge competition. They have been very successful in recent years. The women’s team won silver in 2017 and bronze in 2018 and 2019, while the wen’s team won bronze in 2020. 

Trials are advertised for the team each year, with selected players forming a squad who then train together each week in the lead-up to the competition. The competition is hosted in different states each year, so players get to travel away with their team. An Australian team is selected from the competition which then plays in international competitions both in Australia and overseas.

DAY: Training days are usually determined once teams are selected

TIME: Training times are usually determined once teams are selected

LOCATION: Belconnen Basketball Stadium (42 Oatley Court, Belconnen)

WHO IT'S FOR: People with an intellectual disability

LEVEL: Competitive

COST: Training is free but players need to pay competition fees

For more details, check out the Ivor Burge website, pop Basketball ACT an email at or give them a call on 6189 0709. 

Special Olympics Basketball

Special Olympics Greater Canberra Club runs weekly basketball training sessions for people with an intellectual disability. Special Olympics basketballers take part in the Leon Burwell Shield, a competition run by Special Olympics NSW that takes place four times a year.

Players are put into divisions based on their ability, so whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, Special Olympics provides an opportunity for you.

DAY: Tuesday

TIME: 6:00-7:00pm

LOCATION: Belconnen Basketball Stadium (42 Oatley Court, Belconnen)

WHO IT'S FOR: People with an intellectual disability

LEVEL: Competitive

COST: Free (but you have to be a member of Special Olympics Australia)

For more details, check out the Special Olympics Greater Canberra website, email Chris Corcoran (Sport Coordinator) at or give the Basketball Coordinator (Vanessa Crowe) a call on 0407 263 694.